It’s no accident that love lies at the centre of Halovelo. We believe that if we are doing something we love, which benefits more than just us, and does no harm to the world, that’a about as right as we can get it.  We also know that we have been very lucky in being able to move to this Mediterranean paradise.  As such, we would like to extend the opportunity to visit our beautiful estate and pursue one’s self-improvement, to many more people.

We have many ideas of how to achieve this.  The portfolio of charitable interventions will grow as we grow as a social enterprise, but for now, in 2016/17, we will focus on offering in-kind support to Women’s Cycling clubs and teams, but making our centre available to them, at cost, in the off-season.  We will use a proportion of the profit from our high-season work, to cross-subsidise training camps for women’s groups in the off-season.  It’s what Robin Hood would do, if his tights were lycra, and Maid Marion were an aspiring racing cyclist.

Eventually, we will embrace our love of smart technology, and directly link the improvement we give our coached athletes, or wider network of athletic friends, to the charitable input we plough into the women’s side of the sport.  The objective here will be to turn our athletes’ every pedal stroke into a charitable effort – not just that one important sportive a year.  The more they improve, the more we part with our profits. We look forward to working with the women’s cycling community to determine the best place to direct our efforts, be it targetting media coverage improvements to better monetise women’s racing, or continuing to directly support racers.

Keep following us for updates on the evolution of this initiative.  And do get in touch if you have ideas about how we can help to grow the women’s side of our unequal, but otherwise beautiful sport.

Halo 2014 - free classes for women
2015/6 - At-cost Girona camps for women's teams
Looking ahead: support for key #womenscycling projects


Environmental sustainability is just as important to us as our social and economic contributions. We have spent over a year upgrading the systems and infrastructure within our estate, to minimise our environmental impact, and ensure that those who visit La Bruguera, can work on their own improvement, at little to no cost to the planet.  Our 40kw array of solar photo-voltaic panels provide the estate’s electricity when the sun is out, and our excess energy production goes into the grid.  Our three air-source heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways on earth to produce heat and hot water, and also heat our pool. The pool now uses a natural salt water purification system, without any need for nasty chemicals.  Our drinking water comes directly from our deep on-site well, and is thus low in embodied energy, and as clean as it comes.

We grow fruit and vegetables on site, make preserves, wine (for the brave) and spirits (for the foolhardy), and we manage to do most of our business car travel using power from the sun, thanks to our plug in-hybrid electric vehicles.

The uppermost of the three adjacent images shows our energy production to date since February 2016 (as of August 2016), when our system went online.

Click on it to see the 2016 summary in more detail, or here, to see live data from our solar array here on site.

Click image for 2016 energy to date
Going solar: a moment of great pride at Halo HQ
The hybrid "fleet" as of late 2015